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CQI Deming Special Interest Group

The CQI's Deming Special Interest Group (DemSIG) brings together quality professionals to explore the ideas and work of the renowned quality pioneer W Edwards Deming.

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CQI Derby and Nottingham branch

The CQI's Derby and Nottingham branch is a growing community from the East Midlands counties of Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and North Lincolnshire and have around 350 members registered with us.

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Chartered Quality Professional – Member (CQP MCQI)

Becoming a Member of the CQI and a Chartered Quality Professional is the gold standard for professionalism in quality, putting you on an equal footing with other chartered professionals. 

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Chartered Quality Professional – Fellow (CQP FCQI)

The prestigious grade of Fellow recognises those who have demonstrated a substantial achievement or contribution to the quality profession.

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Practitioner (PCQI)

Practitioner (PCQI) membership is suitable for those dealing with quality as part of a wider remit or specialising in particular aspects of quality such as inspection, quality assurance or auditing. 

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CQI Nuclear Special Interest Group (NucSIG)

The CQI's Nuclear Special Interest Group (NucSIG) provides a forum for quality professionals in the nuclear sector to learn, share, support each other’s development and influence the industry.

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Member benefits

The CQI and its IRCA division are the leading global professional bodies for quality and audit professionals. Find out more about the benefits of becoming a CQI member or IRCA certificated auditor.

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Become a member

Take the next step in your career, join us today

CQI and IRCA members are part of a unique global network of around 19,000 quality professionals.

Whatever your role, joining the CQI or IRCA will make a real difference to you and your career.

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Angela Fumpson

“Everyone feels isolated in their job sometimes. It’s good to have conversations with like-minded people”

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William Lord

​“I wanted to be affiliated with an institute that would give me the credentials to say: yes, I am a quality professional. Having the letters after my name is important”

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